Becoming Athletic Allegiance

Leave the guesswork behind by training with Kristi & Steve. Our goal at Athletic Allegiance is to get you the results you’ve always wished for. As a team, Kristi & Steve bring at total of
42 years experience in the fitness industry to your disposal.

Coach Kristi Peter

Kristi's Bio: Who I am.

Hi, I'm Kristi, I am a personal trainer and lifestyle fitness coach who specializes in helping men & women transform their bodies through sustainable healthy habits. My passion is to help others build muscle, lose body fat, and gain self-confidence through education and habit modification.

Kristi's Bio: My Background

I bring to my coaching a lifetime of athletic experience. I was raised as a competitive swimmer and water polo player, ocean lifeguard and avid surfer. I found my connection to movement at a very young age and that has carried on consistently throughout my life. My personal interest in physical activity has also added experience in running, cycling, yoga, functional fitness, and strength training. I successfully trained through two pregnancies and decided to dedicate my physical training to body building after my second child. I started competing in 2021 and at 40 years old I am actively pursuing a IFBB Bikini Pro title. For me, I find my zen in moving my body and I hope to help others find their zen in movement; I strongly believe that movement frees the mind.

When I am not training in-person at Ballast Gym in South Beach and FTNS in Newport, Oregon or coach men & women remotely, I am actively working on growing our athletic apparel company and traveling to promote it at PNW bodybuilding shows.

  • What 40 looks like from the front on Athetic Allegiance.

  • What 40 looks like from the back on Athetic Allegiance.

  • 1st Place in both Masters Bikini Classes at NPC NorthWest Championships.

  • I train hard and I train smart. I can show you the way.

  • 2st Place in my Masters Bikini Class at NPC Masters USA's Pro Qualifier.

  • Training with proper form and the right intensity is key.

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Coach Steve Moore

Steve's Bio: Who am I

Hey, I'm Coach Moore. I'm the coolest Motha' Fuk'r you're ever gonna meet. Get ready! We're about to make your dreams come true and get you the body you've alwayse deserved.

Steve's Bio: My Coaching Background

I have a background in contact sports. I have experience in coaching athletes' for Football, Wrestling, MMA and Other Martial Arts. My favorite athletes to coach are powerlifters and bodybuilders. If you don't want to be as strong as a powerlifter or look like a bodybuilder, cool. Your transformation will be a snap and there's nothing holding you back other than chosing to start today.

Steve's Bio: My Athletic Background

I started doing martial arts at age 5-14. I started doing bodyweight exercises at age 12 to build muscle. I started lifting weights and chose Football and Wrestling as my athletic focus at age 16.
I had 2 years starting Offence on Varsity Football and was a State Placer and Team Captain on the Wrestling team my Senior year.

After high school I went to collage and focused on getting bigger and stronger to have the option of playing Colligate Sports but later shifted my focus to bodybuilding.

I have competed in 20 NPC bodybuilding shows and have placed in the top 5 in each show, I have taken 1st place at 5 shows. In 2022, with the help of Kristi, I won the Men's Open Triple-Crown Overall Award for most 1st Place wins in a year.

My next big goal is to win a top 5 placing at a NPC National Competition.

  • 1st Place win BodyBuilding NPC Pacific Coast 2022.

  • 1st Place win BodyBuilding NPC Tanji Johnson Classic 2022.

  • NPC NorthWest Men's Open Triple Crown Overall. Coached by Kristi.

  • Do whatever it takes to conquer your goals. We know the way.

  • 1st Place win BodyBuilding NPC Idaho Muscle Classic 2022.

  • Time = Gains. Wasted time is RESULTS you CAN'T Get Back.

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Why Athletic Allegiance?

Our Philosophy

You meet 1 on 1 with your coach in the gym and they guide you through each exercise
in person making sure you get the most out of each workout.

You'll be able to access your plan directly on your phone
anywhere you are so you can upload pictures, measurements, sync with wearable
fitness devices, log your food & workouts and more

Our Values

I will sit down with the information you've given me and create your fully customized
training program. This will bring an end to guesswork so you can start the fast
track to the results you deserve.

Your customized macro meal plan helps you calculate to the exact caloric and
macronutrient intake to fit your goals. Full recipes and weekly shopping lists
can be a great upgrade if you find it helpful.

Why We Do This

How We Hope To Change The World

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