Online Coaching

Are you ready to take the guess work and wasted time out of your fitness journey?

Blast through all the plateaus and obstacles that used to hold you back from the body you deserve with the
guidance and accountability from your own expert fitness coach.

The Diet & Training Program

A Tailor-Made Strategy

Eliminate wasted time, money, and effort by following a customized fitness program designed for your success.

Achieve Multiple Fitness Goals

Specialized in body composition: lose fat, gain muscle. Also optimized fitness and enhanced mobility.

Ongoing Education

Full explanation of the training program during your onboarding call with expected results and

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  • Self-Starter Nutrition Only

    -Goal setting 1:1 session

    -Personalized macro nutrition programming & adjustments

    -In-app nutrition, biometrics, progress tracking

    -Weekly update check-ins

    -In-app messaging support

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  • Full-body Transformation

    -Goal setting 1:1 session

    -Personalized macro nutrition program

    -In-home or gym customized training programming

    -In-app training, nutrition, biometrics, progress tracking

    -Weekly 1:1 coaching and accountability call

    - In-app messaging support

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Your Transformation Roadmap- where you and your coach will work together to break
down your long term goals into step-by-step targets, to ensure consistent,
life-changing results

Custom Training Program- Designed around your goals & lifestyle, to ensure
every session you complete is bringing you closer to your goals (all
delivered form our easy-to-use app)

Weekly check-ins and program adjustments when necessary, from your
coach so you never get stuck in a plateau and you get the fastest results


No matter what
equipment you may, or may not have available to you, or location issues with
getting to a gym your expert coach will accelerate your results exponentially
with their guidance and support- finally giving you the tools to achieve the body
you deserve.

  • Faleen M.

    I have tried many personal trainers. She is by far the best one.

  • Alivia C.

    If you need someone to help you be successful in
    your weight loss needs, she is the right person for you.

  • Abbey Rose

    I’m down two sizes and
    am at the gym consistently after Kristi’s training and I'm still moving towards
    my goals!

  • Lindsay K.

    Kristi built me a plan I could do from home. It was easy for me to follow while
    juggling a career and family.

  • Erick E.

    Working with Kristi is like having a personal cheerleader, drill sergeant, and therapist all rolled into one!

  • Raysha L.

    Training with Kristi is one of the best moves I made for my overall health and

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